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Dermal Fillers Training in Boston

If you are a doctor, dentist, physician’s assistant, or nurse interested in certification to administer dermal fillers or other nurse injector training, Aesthetic Mentor offers an accredited CME course in Dermal Fillers training. It teaches the foundational skills necessary for providing safe and effective dermal filler treatments.

Over the past decade, injectable fillers have gained popularity as cosmetic treatments. Facial fillers can create temporary to long-lasting results for enhancing lips, restoring facial volume, and correcting age-related wrinkles, lines, and scars.

There are different formulas used in Dermal Fillers, with the most popular ones in the U.S. marketed under Belotero, Juvéderm, and Restylane. Each one is designed to address different areas of the face.

What Will I learn?

As one of the introductory courses in Aesthetic Mentor’s injectables education, our Boston Dermal Fillers training is an accredited foundational course for any medical professional wanting to learn how to choose dermal fillers and inject them into specific areas of a patient’s face.

You will learn how to understand the many differences between the various kinds of dermal fillers (each with its own sub-variations) and effectively apply them to target areas.

Course Overview

The training course on Dermal Fillers offered by Aesthetic Mentor provides instruction by Dr. Joseph A. Russo, a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience who also founded Aesthetic Mentor. During the 12-hour long course, Dr. Russo and his team of experienced mentors will lead you through both academic and hands-on dermal filler training.

Coursework begins in a virtual classroom with a comprehensive study of all currently available dermal fillers, an anatomy review, treatment protocols, and safety guidelines. This lasts around 4 hours.

After this has been completed, you will move on to an 8-hour clinical training with a 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio. This will not only provide you with the necessary practice to understand how to administer various dermal injectables in different locations, but you will also gain the confidence needed to begin treating patients with dermal fillers as soon as you are certified.

What happens once I’ve completed this course?

After completing the Dermal Fillers Training course, students are welcome to continue developing their skills in aesthetic medicine by advancing to our Intermediate class offerings or by participating in one of the Practice Clinics.

There are always student advisors available who can help direct you on your journey and answer questions you may have about the courses.

In addition, by choosing Aesthetic Mentor for training in aesthetic medicine, your investment continues beyond the classroom through ongoing support and resources for areas such as compliance, safety, employment assistance, business development leadership, access to professional and patient marketing tools, and further CME training.

What does Dermal Fillers Training offer my practice?

Dermal Fillers training teaches you about the various dermal fillers, ways to effectively administer injections, and the results your patients can expect to see. If you’re unhappy with your current career trajectory or dissatisfied with diminishing insurance reimbursements, including aesthetic injectable treatments such as dermal fillers to your practice can increase revenue streams while also creating high satisfaction rates for your patients.

Why You Should Choose Aesthetic Mentor for Dermal Filler Training

Aesthetic Mentor in Boston, known previously as the Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts, has been training healthcare professionals for over the last 10 years. With its CME-accredited dermal filler training Boston aesthetic medicine training institute, Aesthetic Mentor, helps guide medical practitioners working to transition into a new career based in aesthetic medicine or learn new aesthetic techniques.

Over the last decade, Aesthetic Mentor has trained over 3,000 healthcare professionals. Founded by Harvard-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Russo, Aesthetic Mentor remains a standout as an industry pioneer through its safe provider training methods. Dr. Russo, who has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 1991, and his team continue to passionately mentor novices, creating an easier transition into top-tier medical aesthetic providers, which is needed in order to have a successful career in aesthetic medicine.

Dermal Filler Training FAQ

What kind of qualification is required to be certified to administer dermal fillers?

To participate in our Dermal Fillers Training course in Boston, you must be a licensed doctor, dentist, physician’s assistant, nurse, or another licensed medical professional. You will need to present your transcripts for your medical degree(s) to complete enrollment.

The course in Dermal Fillers provides didactic and hands-on information and techniques for correctly administering dermal fillers. After you complete and pass the training course, you will be awarded a certification as a provider for Dermal Fillers.

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What are our Graduates Saying?

Dr. Russo is amazing. The class was small and intimate, which made for a better learning experience. During the hands-on portion, the instructors were extremely knowledgeable but friendly and laid back. Which again, made for better learning. I loved everything about the course. Worth every penny. Thank you!

– Kristina G.

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