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open quote Aesthetic mentor is the best training program for new aesthetic injectors. They take the time to teach you the safest and most efficient techniques, and thoroughly answer any questions you have during and after the training. Highly recommend!!! And they’re great people that care about the best results for you and your clients!!!close quote

-D. Gomes

open quote I am delighted to share my experience with Aesthetic Mentor. As a student of their program, I can confidently say that it was an exceptional and enlightening journey.

From the very beginning, the team at Aesthetic Mentor was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft. Their dedication to education and hands-on learning was evident throughout the entire course. I appreciated that they took the time to thoroughly explain each topic and procedure, as well as answer any questions that I had.

The instructors were not only experts in their field but also approachable and supportive. They created a warm and welcoming environment that made it easy to learn and connect with other students. I felt comfortable practicing and honing my skills under their guidance, knowing that I was in capable hands.

The course material was comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics, including anatomy, skin physiology, product knowledge, and injection techniques. The hands-on training allowed me to gain practical experience and build confidence in my abilities. By the end of the program, I felt well-equipped to begin my career in medical aesthetics.

What I appreciated most about Aesthetic Mentor's program was their emphasis on ethical and safe practices. They instilled a deep respect for the patient's well-being, emphasizing the importance of informed consent, proper technique, and follow-up care. It is evident that they prioritize patient safety and comfort above all else.

Overall, I would highly recommend Aesthetic Mentor to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medical aesthetics. The quality of education, personalized attention, and emphasis on safety and ethics make it a truly exceptional program. Thank you, Aesthetic Mentor, for a wonderful and rewarding experience!close quote

-K. Dion

open quote Aesthetic Mentor is an exceptional medical esthetic training program that provides a supportive network and practical experience with live models. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to help. The hands-on training with live models was invaluable in building my skills as an esthetic nurse. So far I have already signed up for 8 courses!

Moreover, the program provides me access to a wealth of resources and a network of supportive staff, which is particularly helpful for someone who is starting out on her own. You don’t feel like you are “left out in the cold” after your classes. Aesthetic Mentor is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and effective esthetic training program.close quote

-T. Leung

open quote The program was wonderful! I loved the lecture and info/questions portion of the day, and will compliment what I learned from Dr. Russo with some research/rationale, etc. to become confident in the knowledge of Botox. I was really uneasy at the beginning portion of the ‘hands on’ training, but I have to compliment you again – I went from nurse to nurse and also Dr. Russo to learn each of their individual techniques and by the time I treated my 4th model, I was very comfortable with my technique and just needed to practice what I had learned. I was thrilled to be able to treat multiple areas including forehead, glabellar, crows feet, and lips.close quote

—Stephanie Eolin, RN

open quote Since I became a registered nurse I always wanted to become certified in Botox and fillers. There was nothing more frustrating than wanting to do something so bad but unable to find training in Massachusetts. I searched on the internet for a couple of years only to find courses either in Florida or on the West Coast. Not only did I not want to take the time off of work for training that I would have to pay for but the thought of paying for flights and hotel rooms was just not in my budget. Finally I found a course last June that was coming to Boston and training was only 1 day. Sounds great right?! The course was nothing but a waste of time and money. I was the only RN in the course, there was only one doctor who was training 25 people who were in the course. Everything seemed so crammed in 1 day and I felt alone and unsure while I was injecting my model. Needless to say I walked away with a certificate that I felt I never deserved. I still had that urge to inject but wanted to find the right course for me….I finally found it! I attended AM-Aesthetic Mentor a 2 day Botox and filler course. Not only was the class super informative but the hands on training was incredible! Having had the experience in another course, AM’s course blows them all away. Dr. Russo himself oversaw all the RN ‘s as they were injecting as well as having your own experienced RN stand next to you and critique you. I felt so confident after the course that I’ve been injecting Botox and fillers every week since and finally feel deserving of the certificate I earned. If I could give any advice to those looking for an amazing experience then the Aesthetic Mentor should be your first choice. It’s worth the money and you won’t regret it!close quote

—Natalia Pavlov, RN, BSN, CNRN

open quote I had heard about nursing aesthetics from fellow RNs. I decided to take the Botox and Juvederm class with Dr. Russo. Dr. Russo gave a great presentation both days with techniques to use to make sure you are doing the procedures correctly. During the hands on portion of the course every nurse was able to inject the models. Dr. Russo and three registered nurses, who assist him in his practice, were there to help guide each student. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every bit of the class. close quote

—Harold A. Licon Jr., RN

open quote I felt the classroom discussion with Dr. Russo and his staff was great and very informative. All in all, it was a blast and I’m thrilled that I finally took the steps to move into this field of medical aesthetics, as it’s been a goal of mine for the past few years. As you know, most courses for nurses trying to break into this field are not offered in Massachusetts, so ‘hooray’ for Dr. Russo and his staff!close quote

—Linda Vecchione, RN

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