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Finding A Job As An Aesthetic Nurse

December 2nd, 2015

Finding A Job As An Aesthetic Nurse

If you are concerned about your career choice as an aesthetic nurse, never fear! There is a sense of stability in becoming an aesthetic nurse, and it’s a great career choice.


When you work with us at Aesthetic Mentor, you will hear time and time again the importance of continuing your education as your career progresses. When you take BOTOX classes for nurses or do any additional training for new methods and techniques, you are solidifying your job security with these simple actions. Take every class you can and increase your value.


Aesthetic nurses will still be a valuable asset for a considerable amount of time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that they will see a 19% annual growth in the job sector for the next four years. This is a promising outlook as it’s not growing too fast (which can have a detrimental effect on salaries) and it’s not slowing down so much that obtaining a position would be near impossible. This is a healthy growth that will serve us all well!

Fortunately, in certain locations, you are going to get competitive pay. However, do be mindful that small town USA will see plenty of change as our population continues to spread and new business pops up. If you are willing to work for a bit less pay, you may find it very satisfying to work in a smaller town and build a career as an aesthetic nurse from solid relationships.

Do keep in mind that each state has a variety of requirements for being an aesthetic nurse. You should research your desired area to ensure that you are taking plenty of the proper training courses for nurses and getting the appropriate certification.


For more information on how to train to become an aesthetic nurse, get in touch with us at Aesthetic Mentor in Waltham. Contact us today to learn more!