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How BOTOX works?

October 9th, 2021

How BOTOX works?

Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Russo, the Aesthetic Mentor, and my business is to teach you my business is to sort of share my knowledge of esthetics and all the stuff we’re going to talk about. I’ve been doing this for about 30 years, so I feel like I’ve got enough credibility, enough experience to tell you what to do and what not to do. And one of the most sorts of recurring questions we get is about neurotoxins.

Botox is the one everyone recognizes. But there are also several other neurotoxins you may have heard of Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin, they’re all very similar, but yet they’re different. They all let me put it this way. The part that does the work, the part that actually paralyzes the muscle is the same in all four. But there are few differences in terms of the proteins that are connected to them. And they all work and they’re all great and they all have their place. And I just want to be sure you know about that.

So what actually is a neurotoxin? People always say, well, what is it is a poison, is a filler. Does it add volume? No. Neurotoxins are just something that works on the muscle right in your face. So when you animate, when you raise your eyebrows like this or make a match, it’s the muscle contracts. The skin is attached to the muscles or the skin moves with the muscle is when a muscle activates, it contracts. So the skin contracts, whether it has wrinkles on it, has to fold somewhere in order to contract.

So those lines over time get deeper and deeper as your skin gets thinner and thinner and as you age. So neurotoxin goes in there and stops that process. So when you try to raise your eyebrows, you don’t work. You may still be able to raise them, but in a, you know, sort of reduced way. So those lines don’t get any deeper.

People often say, “how do I know what I need to do it?”, “When should I do neurotoxin or how old should I be?”, It really is independent of age. It’s really when you start having lines at rest. Right. So when you like right now, I’m not animated, but you can see I have lines at rest. So I definitely need Botox and I need emergency treatment.

But also, in today’s society, people are not looking to get old and try to get young again. They’re looking to prevent aging. So we see a lot of people in their 20s. We just are trying to prevent aging. And I think that’s fine because they don’t want to get lines and try to reverse that.

So what happens when we give someone a neurotoxin? It’s actually gets taken up into the nerve. I know everyone talks about the muscle because that’s what you see. But it is a neuro | toxin, meaning it works on the nerve. So we inject it in the muscle and the nerve that innovates that muscle nerve, that makes that muscle work, gets treated with protons, boaties, or whatever neurotoxin you’re using. I’m using Botox. That’s the most common one that people recognize gets taken up into the nerve and prevents the nerve from telling the muscle to move. It just interrupts that signal. You’re still permanent damage just aren’t permanent effects on it.

After about three months for most people, sometimes for some people are lucky. It’s six months out of it. But after that period of time, a neurotoxin that’s gone in your muscle works normally again. So there are no permanent effects. There’s no danger to can’t hurt you. Don’t get me wrong, there can still be complications if the injector perhaps doesn’t do it exactly right or you see too much or too little or something like that. But no matter what happens with neurotoxin, it goes away in three months.

And if you have a complication or something that you don’t like, will go away in three months. However, on the other hand, if you have an amazing result and you love it and you think you look amazing, it goes away in three months.

So there’s nothing permanent about it’s nothing scary about it. Go to someone who does a lot of it because, you know, really experience is the best teacher. You know, once you’ve had a lot of experience, you will always know what not to do and usually say, so go to someone who’s done a lot, maybe someone who’s, you know, treat one of your friends or family members and see what you think.

Botox can be used all over the face. It can be used anywhere where there are wrinkles coming in the forehead between the eyes, around the eyes, on the nose, on the lower face, chin, jaw, neck it could be used in a lot of different places. But be sure that you know your provider. Make sure that you’ve had looked at the reviews. Make sure you talk to other people who’ve been cheated by them because you don’t really want to have a bad experience.

So that’s the basic nutshell answer on Botox or neurotoxins in general. There will actually be a fifth one coming out, I believe, either later this year or early next year. So keep your eyes peeled.

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