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How Much Can An Aesthetic Nurse Earn?

February 3rd, 2016

How Much Can An Aesthetic Nurse Earn?

If you’re considering training to become a BOTOX® injector or some type of aesthetic nurse, then you will probably want to know how much you will be able to earn once the training is complete. If you’re already a trained nurse, then there are many reasons to enter the world of aesthetic nursing, and chief among these is the financial earning potential. The answer to how much you will earn will, of course, depend on the type of nursing you choose to enter after your BOTOX® nurse training, as well as other factors, but there are some things to consider.

Working for a Clinic

The easiest way to typically work as an aesthetic nurse is to operate through an established clinic. In this case, you will most likely be paid a yearly salary and the prospects are good. An average salary for an aesthetic nurse can be quite high. On top of this, you may also get the benefits of working for an employer and all of the employee benefits that come along with this.

Self-Employed Aesthetic Nursing

If you are willing or able to go self-employed with your BOTOX® nurse training, then you may expect to earn more by doing so. When self-employed, you can set the price, but your income will depend on how much business you can generate and complete. A successful self-employed practitioner who is able to see a certain amount of patients a week could expect to earn an annual revenue that is quite high. However, it all depends on the unique situation.

Prescribing Training

One key thing to remember is that BOTOX® is a controlled substance and you will need to be qualified before you are able to prescribe treatments. It is possible to continue BOTOX® nurse training to become a prescriber and make this a part of the treatment you offer. If you are not qualified in this manner, however, then you must only administer treatment to people who already have a prescription.

Undergoing BOTOX® nurse training is a great way to boost your earning potential as a qualified aesthetic nurse. The prospects of aesthetic nurses are greatly increased and you can significantly boost your income by undergoing this training. To find out more, we invite you to contact our team at the Aesthetic Mentor in Waltham. Contact us today to learn more!