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Looking For A Second Career? Consider Aesthetic Nurse Training

January 13th, 2016

Looking For A Second Career? Consider Aesthetic Nurse Training

In today’s economy, there isn’t the kind of job security that has been enjoyed in the past. It isn’t unusual for people to have to change careers in the middle of their working life and it is becoming more common to go back to school to learn a new career. If you find yourself in this situation, with job skills that no longer match those needed in today’s job market, there is an attractive choice for a dynamic new career in the field of cosmetic medicine. It all starts with aesthetic nurse training.

What is an Aesthetic Nurse?

An aesthetic nurse specialist is a provider who is uniquely trained in the procedures that are used in cosmetic medical practices such as facial injections and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. They undergo a significant amount of education and training to fill this role, but it is not as much of an educational commitment as is necessary to become a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. They have a very important role in any cosmetic medical practice as not every procedure needs to be performed by a doctor, and the aesthetic nurse can lighten the workload and enable the practice to maximize the amount of appointment time in a day.

A Better Career in Medicine

The experience of being an aesthetic nurse is more like working in a spa or salon than it is like working in a hospital. Patients are typically only in the chair for an hour or so before going on their way, and you get to see them at their happiest as they meet their goals in regards to appearance. The procedures take a great deal of skill to perform correctly but, with the right aesthetic nurse training, you can get started in the career more swiftly than in other medical occupations.

Why Should You Change Your Career to the Cosmetic Medical Field?

Cosmetic medicine is growing by leaps and bounds, with new practices opening every day. There is a huge demand for procedures such as BOTOX and dermal fillers and the procedures continue to grow in popularity. If you are looking for the security that didn’t exist in your previous occupation, cosmetic medicine may finally offer you the stability that you have needed in your career.

Whether you are looking for a career change or are just getting started in the job market, you may find remarkable opportunities as an aesthetic nurse. If you want to take the first steps toward this exciting new direction in life, contact us at the Aesthetic Mentor for more information on class start dates. Contact our office in Waltham today to learn more about aesthetic nurse training!