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Medical Aesthetics Training For Injecting With Cannulas

July 13th, 2016

Medical Aesthetics Training For Injecting With Cannulas

Injecting with Cannulas is increasingly popular in the medical aesthetic industry. They are more commonly known as Blunt Tip Cannulas and a lot of medical professionals prefer this type of filler injection over sharp tip needles. With the rise of medical enhancements for maintaining a youthful appearance, the more invasive procedures like injecting with cannulas are now being used.

The medical aesthetics training in Boston, MAoffers medical aesthetics professionals the advantages of this impressive alternative to sharp needles. First, using cannulas can both benefit the medical provider and the patient. Recent studies show that there are significant differences in the effects of cannulas versus sharp tip needle procedures. The most significant of these is the difference in the amount of pain the patient experiences during the injection process. In most cases, using the cannulas needle does not require injected anesthesia compared to the traditional dermal filler injection. In addition, patients have less bleeding, swelling and bruising at the areas of injection. With less bruising and less swelling, a faster recovery is guaranteed. Sharp tip injections are painful and require a patient to rest for a longer time following the procedure. On the other hand, with cannula injection, patients are able to return to day to day activities almost immediately.

The best aesthetic training for Injecting with Cannulas has found it easier to use this blunt tip needle and have discovered that it offers higher accuracy which makes it safer for the patient. There are many advantages for using a blunt tipped cannula for the injection of dermal fillers instead of needles which both the patient and the practitioner enjoy.

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