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Millennials And Preventive Aging

October 28th, 2015

Millennials And Preventive Aging

One of the most prolific uses of the internet and technology with millennials is the myriad of social media apps and staying in touch with those that they know. Within that realm, this young generation is continually taking selfies and other photos so that they can update those on their friend’s list of what is going on in their life. That is one of the main reasons why these people are more likely to notice signs of aging before the generations before them did.

Thankfully, there is a number of different preventative aging techniques that can be incorporated into people’s schedules in order to combat these detrimental looks. That is why it can be more profitable than ever to train to give BOTOX® and filler injections through the numerous BOTOX® nurse training programs that are on the market. Joseph Russo, MD is one of the most respected in the business, and your salary will certainly speak of this if you take advantage of the programs offered at Aesthetic Mentor.

This popular neuromodulator is able to target specific facial muscles in order to weaken them so that the signs of aging are reduced. However, the BOTOX® solution will not affect every muscle in the area due to this important selectivity. When an individual begins to notice aging signs such as lines between their eyebrows or crow’s feet, it can knock their confidence, but BOTOX® allows them to stay looking and feeling great. Become a BOTOX® injector with the help of Dr. Russo in order to pass the benefits along to those who are interested.

More treatments are available than ever for today’s generation, which can make it hard for a client to decipher what treatment would work best for them. A consultation is an important part of the process so that the patient can delve into the various pros and cons of each treatment. This will eventually allow the practitioner to decide whether BOTOX® or fillers are the best forms of treatment. We can help with all of this at Aesthetic Mentor in Waltham. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members and get started!