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What is Aesthetic Mentor?

September 23rd, 2021

What is Aesthetic Mentor?

Welcome back. Today, we’re going to talk about what is Aesthetic Mentor. Aesthetic Mentor, our school we consider also as a university. Right? A lot of online classes, a practice session, hands-on very rich clinical experience to really make you a confident and competent provider.

The benefits of Aesthetic Mentor are that we have 15 years of experience. We know how to train you better than anybody. We know how to keep you safe, better than anyone because what really hurts everybody, the provider, the patient, and the industry in general is bad outcomes.

Bad outcomes really make it miserable for everybody. And honestly, when a lot of adverse events are happening, the boards of registration in medicine, nursing, esthetics come down and they’re forced to investigate and people have lost a license. And so we really focus on compliance, safety, and good clinical education, which translates into good outcomes.

That’s what we’re all about. We have classes that start with Introduction Neurotoxin, Introduction to Dermal Fillers that we have advanced levels of neurotoxin and fillers, Kybella, we have Laser, Microneedle. And we have everything you need to know. But probably one of the most important classes is our Cadaver class because Cadaver class really teaches anatomy underneath everything. So as I said before, you hear me say again,

You’re only as good an injector as you are an anatomist.

And, you know, the average poor injector really doesn’t know much anatomy and they’re really not very good injectors. The excellent injector really knows a lot of anatomy, knows how to be safe and be compliant. And honestly, you never take one cadaverous.

And I think you should be at least every year or two, you’ll just learn so much more. And I know that Dr. Mourre and I will do the dissections we always learn more. We always say, “I never realized that went there” or “did you ever see this before?” And we always sort of test ourselves and each other about things. And you’ll be amazed that once you’ve seen underneath the skin of a cadaver and you actually see the vessels and see the muscles and things like that, you’ll never inject in the same way.

In fact, you’ll be a much more cautious injector, which I think is really the best way to be. So that is really one of the biggest benefits is that you are kind of nurtured through it. We have sort of beginning-level courses, intermediate-level courses, and advanced-level courses.

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