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What is the next step into a nurse injector career?

September 23rd, 2021

What is the next step into a nurse injector career?

I’m Dr. Russo, and in this post today we’re going to talk about Medical Aesthetic Associates, MAA. Because what people want to know after they’ve done started doing some training is “what now? How do I take my neurotoxin, fillers, and energy-based treatments and make a business out? But how do I make money? How do I quit my day job? What do I do?”.

So MAA was created in an effort to address all of those issues. The number one issue that everyone faces is compliance. We know that nurses have to have orders in order to do these treatments. The medical treatments.

So we have an EHR cloud-based that allows us to deliver real-time orders to our nurses. The orders are patients specific, time-specific, dose-specific, route-specific, drug-specific. Just like we’re standing there next to you.

And the other really nice part about it is these orders are also up to the cloud. And there’s a dashboard nurse practitioner waiting for this data from you. And if you decide you wanted to do X number of units of neurotoxin in this particular spot, and the nurse practitioner says, “you know what, that’s a very reasonable order. Here’s the order”. Or they might say, “I think that’s too much, too little. The wrong product, the wrong drug, the wrong injectable”. And it’s kind of a mentoring moment for you.

So it’s really a vital and critical component of our network. Without compliance, you’re walking on a really high tightrope without a net, and we don’t want that for you. So compliance is our number one benefit. In addition, we offer support for you know, we have mentoring opportunities. You can look at what you can follow one of our nurses around. You can follow me around. We’ve spent time with this understanding. There’s also a Facebook page where you can share your questions, your knowledge.

As I’ve learned about ascetics over the years, it’s important to share your successes. But it’s way more important to show your failures, because other people who have had those or haven’t had those, really want to know about adverse events, occlusions, hematoma, those kinds of things, really critically important. Also, what’s a really big benefit is pricing. As you do more and then buy your product, you have reduced costs. So we really can help you be way more competitive with the other people around you because we can give you lower pricing than pretty much you can get anywhere else.

We also have the ability to offer you legal advice through some of the legal teams that work with us. And we also have sessions where we’ll have roundtable discussions about difficult neurotoxin patients or how would you handle an occlusion? What happened the last time you saw that?

I also want to make it clear to you that MAA is really for everyone. Right. So you can be training at Aesthetic Mentor, get signed off, and get an immediate entry into our network. However, if you’ve trained outside the Aesthetic Mentor, it’s still OK. We would have you come in and meet with Dr. Mourre, the director of our clinical services, and he’ll see what you can do and ask you some questions. And if you seem like you’re, you know, up with the rest of the pack, you can have entry as well.

If you’re a med spa owner and want to bring in medical aesthetics, you can join us and we can either help you find someone to send you one of the nurses that work with us, that works really well. Or if you’re just someone who’s you interested in finding out about it, certainly we can help you.

Most nurses follow one of four pathways once they graduate concierge service, which is going from your house to other people’s homes and delivering services in their homes. We certainly have a membership package for that. Sometimes you can just be employed in a medspa or perhaps work for one of the other nurses that you were that you worked with before, or you can work in a physician’s office or someone else’s office delivering those services. You can rent a room from a spa, a salon, or a medical office, and provide services there. Or you can go all the way in on your own meds. But regardless of your situation, we have a package that can help you.

We are all about compliance, safety, and good outcomes. So the educational component dovetails into this network where we all help each other and we all help each other. In fact, there’ve been plenty of times where I’ve gotten calls or I’ve had to weigh in on situations, give my advice and so it’s always, in my opinion, really helpful to help other people. And I think that’s really what MAA is about. It’s us sharing our knowledge, sharing our experience, and having us all grow together.

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