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Neurotoxin Training in Boston

If you are a plastic surgeon, physician, dentist, PA, or nurse in search of training to administer neurotoxins, it’s essential to undergo proper training in order to develop the confidence and skills necessary for state board and liability insurance requirements. Furthermore, the ability to offer Botox or other neurotoxin treatment to your patients creates exciting opportunities for your practice.

Because you are likely already well-trained in administering facial injections, the learning curve is fast for most healthcare professionals. However, there are still several areas of study that are needed to attain competency for your certification. These include learning how neurotoxins work, understanding both the risks and benefits inherent in these kinds of treatments, reviewing the various muscles that control facial expression, hands-on practice in giving injections, preventing possible complications, and managing unexpected side effects.

The purpose of this course of study is to prepare you to understand how neurotoxins work and to apply that knowledge in a practical setting.

What Will I learn?

This is the first course in your injectables education. Our Boston Neurotoxin Training through Aesthetic Mentor is an accredited foundational course for medical professionals interested in learning the art of cosmetic neurotoxin injections. It’s an introductory course because Botox is currently the most popular cosmetic treatment and, along with other neurotoxins, opens the gateway to all other injectable skills.

Course Overview

Aesthetic Mentor’s Botox and Neurotoxin Training is a CME accredited course taught by founder Dr. Joseph Russo, a Harvard-trained, board-certified Plastic Surgeon with more than 30 years of experience. Throughout the 12-hour course, Dr. Russo and his team of expert mentors guide you through a combination of didactic and hands-on neurotoxin training.

The coursework begins in a virtual classroom where you will be educated on the most up-to-date information about neurotoxins, with a strong emphasis on anatomy and safety.

The next phase of the class involves an 8-hour hands-on training in a clinical environment. With our 2:1 student-to-educator ratio, you will have the support and confidence necessary for treating patients right away, providing you with an unsurpassed learning experience.

What happens once I’ve completed this course?

Neurotoxin Training is an introductory class that provides the foundational skills needed in other injectable courses. Once this course has been completed, you may choose to take one of the Practice Clinics or move into Dermal Fillers Training.

For these and other questions, there are student advisors who will be available every step of your journey to help direct your learning path as you pursue your new career in aesthetic medicine.

What does Botox Training offer my practice?

Since Botox was FDA-approved for aesthetic medicine in 2002, it and other neurotoxins have completely altered how society approaches cosmetic treatments for aging. Along with Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are types of purified forms of botulinum toxin A specifically marketed for cosmetic use. As a result, neurotoxins have proven effective at producing consistent results and high levels of patient satisfaction. Even better, there is no need for long recovery times associated with more expensive, traditional plastic surgery.

By choosing Aesthetic Mentor for advanced training in aesthetic medical techniques and procedures, your investment will expand beyond the classroom. This is because Aesthetic Mentor offers ongoing support and resources in the form of CME, safety, compliance, business leadership development, employment assistance, and access to both professional and patient marketing tools.

If you find you are becoming frustrated as a healthcare provider due to lessening insurance reimbursements, or you’re a medical practitioner such as a nurse searching for personal and financial freedom, the addition of aesthetic treatments can provide a large increase in revenue streams while also satisfying patient needs.

Why You Should Choose Aesthetic Mentor for your Neurotoxin Training

Formerly known as Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts, Aesthetic Mentor in Boston has provided accredited training over the past decade to over 3,000 healthcare professionals who are in the process of transitioning into a new career in aesthetic medicine.

Led by Harvard-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Russo, Aesthetic Mentor continues to be an industry pioneer through its safe provider training methods. In addition, Dr. Russo, who started his practice in 1991, is passionate about mentoring novices into becoming top-tier medical aesthetic providers and can provide the guidance needed for a successful career in aesthetic medicine. If you're interested in Neurotoxin training Boston student advisors at The Aesthetic Mentor are ready to guide you. Call us today!


What kind of qualification is required to be certified to administer Botox® or other neurotoxins?

You must be a licensed doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse, or other licensed medical professional to enroll in the Botox & Neurotoxin training course. You will need to provide your transcripts for your relevant medical degree(s) to complete enrollment.

During the course, you will learn both academic and practical techniques for administering Botox and other neurotoxin injections. Once you have completed and passed the training course, then you will be awarded your Botox certification.

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What are our Graduates Saying?

Dr. Russo is amazing. The class was small and intimate, which made for a better learning experience. During the hands-on portion, the instructors were extremely knowledgeable but friendly and laid back. Which again, made for better learning. I loved everything about the course. Worth every penny. Thank you!

– Kristina G.

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