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A Note About How Often To Administer Botox Treatments

December 9th, 2015

A Note About How Often To Administer Botox Treatments

As you know, BOTOX® is a common and widely-used injectable treatment designed to combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles, which contribute to older-looking skin. Cosmetically, BOTOX® treatments are used most commonly to address wrinkles and help smooth out lines on the face, but they can often be applied to other areas of the body in certain cases. It can be used in procedures which are strictly medical as well, such as in cases of severe muscle spasms.

How often BOTOX® treatments are scheduled will depend partially on the type of treatment the patient is receiving. In a typical cosmetic treatment plan, BOTOX® injections are recommended every six to nine months. This upkeep helps to keep the skin smoother and younger-looking overall, eliminating the need to regain any ground lost in the time between sessions. It’s best to keep a consistent schedule in order for a patient to achieve optimal anti-aging results. This sort of upkeep also helps prevent wrinkles and lines from deepening over time, making any that reappear easier to smooth out again with the next treatment.

Of course, a consultation is required in order to determine the proper schedule for whatever BOTOX® treatments the patient is receiving and you should be able to explain why this timescale may be the best option to stick to. Of course, our team at Aesthetic Mentor can teach you more about this. However, as you know, every case is unique, and how often BOTOX® treatments will need to be administered will depend on a variety of factors.

For more information about administering BOTOX® treatments, talk to us at Aesthetic Mentor in Waltham. Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our certified practitioners to discuss any other questions you may have. For help with getting started with BOTOX® treatments, contact us today and learn more!