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Educate Yourself With Botox Courses

April 27th, 2016

Educate Yourself With Botox Courses

Contact the Aesthetic Mentor to begin your path in learning how to inject BOTOX®. With our BOTOX® courses, nurses can train to give BOTOX® and fillers for additional income and to better serve the needs of your patients.

These courses cover everything that a nurse needs to know to start administering injectable neurotoxins. BOTOX® and other neurotoxins relax the muscles in the face to achieve a smoother look without fine lines. This treatment is common in patients in their 40’s and older as they are looking to reduce wrinkles and have a smooth appearance.

During our BOTOX® courses, nurses will learn basic facial anatomy so they are more knowledgeable about how to best help their patients. They will learn about how to treat crow’s feet, folds in the face and everything else to help men and women look younger.

These BOTOX® courses for nurses help medical practitioners feel more confident in their ability to help patients. This will gain their patient’s trust and create a better experience for both nurse and patient. With the proper training, a nurse will be able to identify the right places to inject and the proper method to do it.

Medical practitioners train to give BOTOX® and fillers in just a few days. These comprehensive courses cover everything that a health practitioner needs to know to correctly administer the products and ease fine lines. Whether the wrinkles come from environmental factors, stress, age or something else, our team can help.

Nurses will learn all of the latest techniques in treating patients. They will learn the difference in needs of both male and female patients. Not only will nurses learn about the cosmetic applications of BOTOX®, but nurses will also learn about the different medical applications and how to properly use them. This means the potential for new and more lucrative opportunities for your business.

The courses also include other injectable products to learn about and sample so you can decide for yourself what the treatments are like and be better informed when recommending and treating patients. Attendees will also learn the proper way to handle and store BOTOX® so that they are all around experts.

Talk to our team at the Aesthetic Mentor in Waltham to get started. Contact us today and learn more!