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Offering Medical Aesthetics Can Increase Revenue

January 7th, 2019

Offering Medical Aesthetics Can Increase Revenue

Doctor’s offices, health clubs, spas and alternative medical clinics are all seeing an increase in medical aesthetics procedures.  This is exciting considering the insurance changes and the state of the economy across the Commonwealth. Patients are spending again. The New Year is around the corner, now is the time to consider offering medical aesthetic options to your patients and clientele.

The cold weather is here and the winter clothes are on. End of year bonuses have been given out, health insurance deductibles have been met, and income tax refunds are just a few short months away. This is the perfect time for patients and customers to have Botox injections or cosmetic fillersdone. Varicose veins treatments are popular this time of year as well before the spring and summer kick in. With the increase in medical and cosmetic treatments, both because the economy has improved, and because they have become more accepted, enrolling employees in medical injectable courses now can help your bottom line and increase your patient/customer base.

Aesthetics Institute of Massachusetts specialties in offering cutting edge laser and cosmetic dermatology courses including Botox and cosmetic fillers. You can help your patients look 10 years younger with these remarkable procedures and services. Offering these types of medical aesthetic treatments ensures recurring income as well. Many procedures need to be performed for consecutive weeks or months.

Laser hair removal and other laser treatments usually requires monthly treatments. Therefore offering this series of medical treatments makes a lot of sense and can help you increase revenues all year long.  To learn more about the courses offered by Aesthetics Institute of Massachusetts contact us.